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A newspaper with educational bedtime stories for kids

The Bedtimes is a collection of short stories that give your child a balanced and insightful understanding of the world.

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Promotes healthy bonds: through regular, valuable quality time you both enjoy.

Develop curiosity and love of learning: that will help them flourish throughout life.

Speedy development: to put your child ahead of the pack with fun, easy learning at home.

Stories you'll WANT to read: beautifully illustrated and packed with interesting facts that even dad won't know!

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At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to nurturing the local economy and championing the entrepreneurial spirit. Founded by Callum and Carl, two visionaries with a passion for innovation and community development, our business is a testament to the power of small-scale enterprises in driving meaningful change.

Proudly printed in the USA, every purchase you make is a step towards supporting American craftsmanship and labor. This choice not only bolsters the local economy but also plays a crucial role in minimizing our carbon footprint. By reducing the need for long supply chains from abroad, notably China, we ensure a more sustainable production process that benefits our planet and society alike.

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We're here not just to amuse children, but to educate them in the process. Our goal is to provide both entertainment and enlightenment to parents and kids.


In our quest to reduce screen time for children and foster parent-child bonding, we're drawing inspiration from an unlikely source: newspapers. For many decades, newspapers were the principal source of information. However, the advent of digital media has led to the decline of this once-vibrant industry. Read more


Initiated by two Founders childhood friends, Callum from Australia and Carl from England, The Bedtimes took root. Inspired by their experiences - Callum narrating stories to his niece and nephew, and Carl engrossed in storytelling to his godchildren - they decided to embark on this exciting journey.


We have selectively chosen our designers for each story, ensuring that every tale offers a unique and immersive experience. Gone are the days of repetitive children’s illustrations. With The Bedtimes, we aspire to transport you into our imaginative world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really cancel anytime?

That’s right. Just let us know at least 7 days before the end of the month, so we know not to print you the next edition. Don’t worry though, we will send you a remind email to let you know the cut-off date if approaching.

We have a team of former educators (elementary and secondary) who still remain passionate about educating the next generation. They know exactly what styles of language to use to help further your kids education.

All our stories are based on real historical events, science, or world concepts. Everything is adjusted so that its suitable and engaging for young children. Some upcoming stories include:

  • “Man Lands on The Moon”
  • “United States Signs the Declaration of Independence”
  • “Benjamin Franklin Captures the Power of Lightning”

Your issue will arrive within a week of your sign up date, and then any future editions will be dispatched at the same date each month.

The Bedtimes is a highly visual format, which means the youngest learners (ranging from 5-10 years old) can benefit from the exposure.

The world is already full of amazing stories. Each month, we look back in time into history, and look for the events which have helped shape our world today.

We prioritise stories which will help your child make sense of the world – useful scientific discoveries, important historical events, and events which help expose them to new cultures.

And of course – we listen to our communities suggestions.

Got Questions? We're here to help.

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